Consignment Contract

We accept Consignment Monday through Thursday only. We only accept 10 items at a time on each of these days (40 per week). We will only accept clothing that represents the season we are currently in. A quarterly newsletter goes out to all consignors via email indicating when we are ready for you to bring in the next season. Call ahead if you are not sure what season we are currently taking. We also will post on FB, Instagram, and our website when we are ready for the next season.

Fridays are reserved for our Vendors/Crafters to bring in their product. Under no circumstances do we take consignments on Saturdays. If you are interested in being a vendor let us know!

•We offer a 40/60 split with you, the consignor, receiving 40%.
•Consignment payouts are paid monthly; the previous months sales will be available on or after the 5th of the following month.
•The money you earn from the sales of your items can also be used as credit towards a purchase in our store. This can be done anytime.
•Our consignment program has an online access feature. When you first sign up with us to consign and after we enter your items into the inventory you will receive an email from our program called Consignor Access and the email will contain directions on how to log in to your account. Because we pay monthly for this service we do charge a $2 fee to your account as long as you have current inventory.
•If you have expired inventory we will not charge you the $2 fee
•We keep your items in our inventory for a minimum of 60 days. If we feel justified in keeping your items longer to try to sell them we will do that. Items remaining after 60 days will be marked down and promoted with a percentage off.
•We do accept all credit cards for payment and this is very costly. If a customer purchases your item and pays with a credit card there will be a 3% fee charged to that item. If a customer pays with cash or check there will be no fee.
•Promotions and sales will happen weekly on older inventory. We will strive to get you the best price possible for your items but be aware that they may sell at a lower price than what you see on your account online.
•Should you want to pick up your items before the expiration date please notify us 48 hours in advance to give us time to have them ready.
•Be aware that we take a cursory glance at your items at the time you bring them in. If we find damage, stains, or no labels in the items we reserve the right to donate them.
•Items unsold after 90 days are donated to the Candor Food Pantry.
•We will only return high end items that do not sell such as handbags, gowns, coats

What we DO Accept:

•Higher End Labels of ladies clothing, shoes, handbags, scarves, hats, and belts that have been in fashion in the last 5 years.
•Clothing must be clean, pressed, stain and damage free.
•Clothing must be on hangers or in a bag/tote
•Handbags and Shoes must be dirt, dust, and scuff free
•Seasonal vintage collectibles and/or antiques (These do count toward the 10 a day limit)
•Vintage Purses, Hats, Jewelry on a limited basis
• If you want to consign a large number of antiques or other vintage items ask us about our Free Form Vendor Contract.

What we DO NOT Accept

•Brands from Walmart, Target, and Kmart
•The following clothing labels: Old Navy, Fashion Bug, Deb, Charlotte Russe, Forever 21, Rue 21, Croft & Barrow, St. John’s Bay, Casual Corner, Karen Scott, Laura Scott, Notations
•Clothing with no labels, the labels crossed out or cut
•Prom Dresses/Wedding Gowns
•Costume Jewelry
•Counterfeit Handbags and Wallets

What You Can Expect From Us:

• We will provide a warm and inviting environment for people to shop in for your items
• We will do our best to prevent shoplifting
• We do not insure your items. We cannot be held responsible for flood, fire, theft, or other acts of nature.
•We will use marketing and other events to promote and feature your items.
•Research is done to determine the best possible price for high end items and designer labels.

A Special Note

In the past 3 years of having a consignment business we have had mostly happy consignments but on occasion there have been times where a loved one has passed and the family is left with wondering what to do with some of the estate. Our consignment contract states that we only accept 10 items at a time. In the case of a family member passing we don't want to cause anymore unnecessary pain by having the items come to the store on multiple trips. If you find yourself in this situation feel free to contact us to make arrangements for a one time drop off. We can be very flexible with days and times.