COVID 19 Update

Social Distancing Mandates:

- Masks must be worn in the store at all times by customers, consignors, vendors, and employees (a request can be made to have items brought to the curb if wearing a mask impedes personal health issues i.e. asthma)
- Everyone must maintain 6 FT social distancing
-Social distancing markers using tape will be on the floor
- Consignment can only be brought in by appointment only.
- Purchases are not available for return/exchange

Cleaning and Hygiene

-Hand sanitizer is available for use.
- Clorox and Lysol wipes will be used to clean the checkout area which includes the counter, table, pens, etc.
- Door handles and the fitting rooms will be cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis.
- Customers will be allowed to take up to 6 items at a time into the fitting rooms at one time. Employees will be willing to bring extra sizes as needed
- Clothing that is tried on and not purchased will be re-steamed before going back to the sales floor
- The restroom will not be open to the public at this time


- This safety plan will be posted throughout the store, on the website, and on Facebook
- Any changes or updates will also be posted in store, on the website, and on Facebook
- If a worker tests positive for Covid-19 the state and local health departments will be notified immediately.
- Tracing efforts will be conducted and confidentiality will be maintained as required by state and federal laws and guidelines.


- Health questionnaire will be done daily for employees and essential visitors.
- Most customer names are in the database. Reports can be run to help with contact tracing. New customers will be asked for their names to be entered in the database when making a purchase.
- In the event of a Covid-19 case occurring the store will be closed for 24 hours, disinfected and cleaned thoroughly.


- Consignment will be allowed to be brought in by appointment with a limit of 20 items per consignor
- Only existing consignors will be allowed to continue to bring in items
- Employees will not review the consignment brought in until it has been in the store for a minimum of 48 hours
- Once clothing is entered into the computer it will be steamed before placing on the floor.
- If any consignment is not accepted as salable after the 48 hours the consignor will be notified and they can choose to have it donated or they can pick it up at their next appointment.
- Consignor/Vendor payouts will continue to be done monthly. If you would like a check mailed to you please supply us with self addressed stamped envelopes