Hello consignors and vendors,

We will continue accepting Spring Consignments until April 9th.
(An extra week!)

We will not accept any Summer Consignment until Monday April 20th.

I will be away from the store starting April 10th until April 19th to care for my father who is having major surgery. During that week in April that I am away from the business there will be no payouts.

Due to the Coronavirus epidemic we are going to be proactive to protect the business. We will not be doing any consignment payouts over $20 at a time per week. We still have to pay the bills, employees, etc even if no one comes in to shop. My fear is that all businesses will be asked to shut down. I am praying this does not happen and hoping for the best. If there are no issues with businesses being asked to shut down by end of April the payouts will resume as normal.
In the store we are using Lysol and Clorox wipes on the counter, pens, and doorknobs. We are washing our hands continuously!
Another way we are being proactive is we started an E-Commerce Site through our website. We have been working on getting items entered in so that if everyone is staying home they can at least shop online. I see shopping online becoming more and more popular anyway so we want to give more opportunity for your items to sell than just through our brick and mortar store or FB.
1. We don't take costume jewelry; only vintage or Sterling Silver/Gold
2. Items must be brought in on hangers or in a bag (no wrinkles!)
3. Give us a heads up before bringing in a ton of home accessories or small furniture
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.