The team at Up the Creek Ladies Consignment Boutique has the experience and skills to consign all of your unwanted clothing. We provide professional, efficient consignment services to make it easy for you to sell your clothes and accessories. We also work with over 30 local vendors who sell their products in our store.

Here are some of our local vendors!

Stephanie worked in the jewelry business in NYC for over 30 years before retiring to Scranton, PA. She continues her love for jewelry by designing beautiful gemstone pieces that she sells at a fraction of the cost; not wanting to make a ton of money but rather to allow people to enjoy her creations without breaking the bank.

Each design in the Josan collection was personally selected by Steve and Tina Swift. Our jewelry is responsibly sourced from a Hong Kong manufacturer that provides clean and safe working conditions. We inspected the workplace and found that the boss is kind, the workers are happy, and most have been employed for many years. ....

Lavender grown locally in Apalachin that husband and wife Harry and Colleen Luytinski turn into delightful soaps, lotions, neckwraps, and so much more!

Local Owego resident creates concrete statues and we sell a small collection of her statues in the store.

Olivia wrote a book about her diagnosis of multiple myeloma and amyloidosis and dealing with the emotional aspects of it. She creates jewelry that she sells at a local hospital to help fund research for the American Cancer Society and Myeloma Research. We carry her SS necklace and earrings too!

Candor resident Linda C. has a passion for Vintage Jewelry! She has been selling her collection in our store since 2015. Every piece is priced at $10. Check out her beautiful classic jewelry!

Heather creates small gift type items that are both whimsical and practical for use.

Local made doggy and kitty treats available! Made and packaged with the help of handicapped young adults.

Janice H. has taken her mother's love of books and turned them into decorative pieces of art. Her frames are filled with a page from a book and she embellishes them with dried flowers and a note about the significance of that book that the page was taken from.